Lake Eyre & Flinders Ranges, May 2018

Hi to our intrepid travellers!

This post has been contributed to us by one of our tour customers, Ash. Ash went on our Lake Eyre & Flinders Ranges tour in May 2018 and has been kind enough to share stories and photos from that trip with us.

The Lake Eyre and Flinders Ranges Tour was the ultimate outback adventure for me, in complete luxury. Our tour guide was extremely passionate and knowledgeable, and went the extra mile to ensure that everyone’s interests were catered for in the tour and that we could make the most of the experience. The tour guide had practically lived in the Flinders Ranges his whole life and his insight and knowledge of the land and the culture of the local aboriginal community at Wilpena Pound shown through and was second to none.

The tour guide took us to places that were popular tourist spots as well as spots that were not on the tourist handbook of other tours but equally beautiful, found us the best photography locations and patiently waited for us to take our time and enjoy the sightseeing to our hearts content. He never rushed us in any way. The tour guide also showed us some ancient fossils that were not marked, but had featured in a David Attenborough documentary – truly an amazing experience. The wealth of knowledge he had on the geology and ecology of the land was impressive and he shared it in a very interesting manner.

The tour guide taught us the greetings used by the local Aboriginal community of Wilpena Pound, and had a wealth of knowledge on their lifestyle, cultural practices and traditions. The traditional land owners were more than welcoming of us at Wilpena Pound, and really warmed up to the fact that we greeted them in their language. You could see that the interaction between the tour guide and the locals was genuine and special.

This tour was truly the best tour I have been on, and thanks to the tour guide for going the extra mile to ensure that I made the most of the experience, and I felt that it was a privileged to be on this tour. My highlight in this tour was spotting the critically endangered, beautiful and elusive yellow footed rock wallaby.

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